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Paint Brushes
Banester Brushes are made from high quality natural and synthetic blisters for painting of concrete structures like walls, roofs and various other objects. They are provided with plastic handles for easy operation.
Stands provided by us are made from various metals and hard plastic. They are used as base support for many electrical appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and LED TV.
Wax Polish and Oil are used to protect metal and glass surface from scratches to improves the appearance of the surfaces of various objects. The oils provided are used as lubrication for mechanical components for smooth operation.
Pigment are powdered coloring agents used to impart color to various other objects. These are insoluble in water and can only be dissolved using dispersing agents.
Brushes provided by us are made from synthetic hair stands that make it easier to paint various objects with better finish. They are made from best grade material with different sizes and are light in weight.
industrial Paints
Industrial Paints are thick solvents that are used to impart color on various objects such as metals, non-metals, wood and many other. These also helps to make the external surface to look more aesthetic and resist corrosion.

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